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Go Wash

Get Clean, Go Green

About Us

Some call us the local car wash, others call us the big green building -whatever it may be, our mission at Go Wash is simple. We're here to provide high-quality, eco-friendly services to our valued customers.

We are more than just your average car wash facility. We have 5 self-serve bays, 2 automatic bays, vacuum and fragrance stations, a dog wash, and more. Through open communication and exceptional service, we hope you’ll find what you’re looking for here at your local, green car wash! 

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"Okay I have been going here for years and I love it. It makes washing my car so easy and actually kind of fun. It charges per minute and ends up being super cheap. Usually costs me between $6 to $8. Then I can pull up to the vacuum station and clean the inside of my vehicle. There is a machine to get change but the wash bays take credit card. Nothing is ever broken or malfunctioning and the place is very popular. There is even a vending machine full of armor-all wipes, air fresheners etc. Love it."

Maegan Clarke

"I really like Go Wash or as I like to call it "The Green Car Wash Place". You can either go through the automatic car was for a choice of 4 different car washes based on what you need or do it yourself to save money. I have done both depending on the time I've had. It does a great job. Also you can carpet clean and/or vacuum your car afterwards and best of all add that "new car smell" back to your vehicle if you are so inclined.

It also has 2 dog wash tubs for your pooch if you need that as well."

Rose Kasper

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